The TUBA-WISP II study is a collaboration between the TUBA study group and the WISP trial group. The TUBA study group is located at the Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands and led by Dr. Joanne de Hullu. The WISP trial group is founded by Prof. Dr. Karen Lu at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA. 


The TUBA-WISP II project team:

- Dr. Joanne de Hullu, gynaecologic oncologist Radboudumc 

- Prof. Dr. Rosella Hermens, IQ Healthcare Radboudumc

- Prof. Dr. Karen Lu, department of gynecologic oncology and reproductive medicine MD Anderson 

- Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Swisher, department of gynecologic oncology University of Washington, Seattle

- Dr. Miranda Steenbeek, resident in gynaecology and researcher Radboudumc

- Dr. Majke van Bommel, Researcher Radboudumc and junior doctor in gynaecology

- Drs. Tamar Gootzen, PhD candidate Radboudumc

The study was further developed together with statisticians: Prof. Kit Roes and Dr. Joanna IntHout (both Radboudumc) and Dr. Gary Chisholm and Dr. Christine Peterson (both MD Anderson); pathologists (Dr. Hans Bulten and Dr. Michiel Simons) and healthcare specialists. 

Joanne de Hullu

Elizabeth Swisher

Karen Lu

Miranda Steenbeek

Tamar Gootzen

Rosella Hermens

Majke van Bommel

Participating centers

Last update: June 7th, 2024

The Netherlands

United States of America











Patient societies

The following patient organizations are supporting this study:

  • The Dutch patient organization for hereditary cancer, a part of the Dutch Breast Cancer Society 'Stichting Erfelijke Kanker Nederland' (in English: Foundation Hereditary Cancer; previously called 'Oncogen')
  • The Dutch patient organization for women with gynaecological cancer 'Olijf'
  • The Patient Advisory Board 'Women's Cancer' of the Radboudumc